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Our company Tien Thinh is a unit specializing in the production and trading of products in the printing industry Packaging &Calendar


With your quality – Comes our opportunities

Doubling the prosperity – together we are better-off

Although this is just a simple motto but it helps us deliver our ideas of valuating the importance of our clients. We believe that the corporation between you and us is based on the trust and the successful predictable outcomes when we work together. Other than that, we commit to support and go along with our clients even though there could be some tough moments to find out some strategic solutions to overcome the challenges. To us, our clients do not just come and go, they are more about our friends to accompany on the journey to the success.


Packaging is not just a protective layer covered outside the product, it is more about an effective marketing channel for every firm to widespread its brand images. A well-designed package is pointed out to help not only increase the convenience of the products, but it also enables the brand to illustrate its spirit and convey the core messages toward the audience; hence elevating the brand’s value.

To capture this concept, Tien Thinh is pleased to support you to achieve the above advantages by providing such exclusive manufacturing services upon your requests. With a diversity of models, designs and materials, we have been honored to collaborate with various brands from a wide range of industries and fields to support them enhance the visuality of the packages, namely F&B, pharmaceutical, cosmetics or even seafood exporting industry. We always consider that the trust, collaboration and connection with clients are the key leading us to success.

Technology & Manufacturing Techniques as our advantages:


- Technical Analysis: Support selecting the raw materials (i.e. types of papers) that suit the product with the most economical price

- Quantifying the carrying capacity/stamina/resistence of the material to handle and cover the inside products

- Analysing the technical indexes and drawings to prepare the die-cutting molds


- Implementing the CTP Technology (Computer to Plate)

- Possessing the modern coloured-printers of 4 & 8

- Enabling printing on normal paper-based materials, Alu and metallic paper


1. Automatic Rigid Box Maker

+ The machine functions by automatically inserting the papers, melting the adhesive, locating the paper, folding into designated forms and fining the final products with high accuracy and quick locating speed; which is suitable for manufacturing books’ cover pages, hanging calendars, desk calendars, document files and paper-box caps

+ Characteristics of final products: firm and stable

+ Capacity: 1,800 products/hour

2. Automatic Double Wire Binding Machine

3. CNC Machine, …

4. Laminating Technology: Gloss/Matte Poly Laminate, Gloss/Matte Varnish Water, Screeny Emboss, Pearl-coating, Spot UV, Hot-stamping, Embossing,...

Our Services

Tien Thinh Advertising Service Trading JSC Company is one the most prestigious enterprise that produces some exclusively high-quality products on the market in several aspects, namely:

+ Exclusive Paper and Carton Hard Boxes: wine and alcohol exclusive boxes, limited gift boxes, exclusive sanest boxes

+ Calendars: Block Calendar, On-request design and exclusively-manufactured calendars, 52-week calendars, desk calendar, etc

+ Commercial Advertisement and Graphic Design: posters, flyers, product catalogues, files and folders, fashion shopping bags, etc

With our finest labor workforce having a long time of experiences, creative and professional graphic designers, series of modern machineries and special assembly lines for manufacturing packaging, we have been honored to receive several valuable contracts to serve their orders on time with reasonable prices for several years consecutively.

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Commercial Advertising and Graphic Design

  • Brochure
  • Poster
  • Flyer
  • Envelopes
  • Name card
  • Catalogues
Hộp bánh Trung Thu yến Sào

Exclusive and Premium Hard Boxes, Paper-based Boxes and Paper Bags

  • Wine and Alcohol Hard Boxes
  • Sanest Product Hard Boxes
  • Limited Gift Boxes
  • Exclusive Sanest Moon Cake Paper Boxes and Hard Boxes
  • Fashion Shopping Bags
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Lunar New Year Calendar

  • Block Calendar varies in forms and sizes: small, medium, large, super large, lantern-shaped, etc
  • Spiral Bound Calendar varies in designs: 7-layout, 13-layout, middle spiral bound calendars, etc
  • Decorative Desk Calendar
  • On-request design and exclusively-manufactured calendars
  • Other accessories for calendar: boxes, bags, packages, etc

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